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PLuS Online Orientation Page for Online Course Exchange

A specific PLuS Online Orientation page has been created to introduce participating students to the structure of online course exchange. It presents relevant information and addresses frequently asked questions related to registration, course requirements and delivery, university resources, transcripts and grading.  Due to the differences between the institutions, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this page prior to the start of their PLuS online exchange courses. The FAQ section will be enhanced on an ongoing basis to ensure the best student experience in PLuS programs.

UNSW PLuS Alliance Online Student Support

Educational Support Service supports students to address any issues impacting on their ability to progress and succeed.  It can provide individual support to students through a range of delivery modes: email, phone, skype, on-campus, and through a web chat line. The service has also developed a site co-locating a range of online resources for UNSW students, including Academic Success: Back on Track, academic skills development, personal and professional development.

Email Educational Support Services, phone (02) 9385 4734, book an appointment online or visit our online student support resources.

UNSW Help Desk

The UNSW Help Desk is the first line of support to ASU students enrolled in PLuS Alliance education programs. Representatives have been trained to troubleshoot technology-related questions and provide general direction for academic and other questions. UNSW students can contact the Help Desk by email or phone (02) 9385 1333.

Student Administration

A process has been developed for cross-institutional enrolment. Should there be any issues arising with a student’s enrolment please contact Student Administration or your Faculty Office. For the most up-to-date information please access Confluence.

Online Course Exchange OnCE–


FAQs for Students

PLuS is a strategic alliance between Arizona State University, King’s College London and University New South Wales (UNSW Australia) designed to help elevate educational opportunities for students at each of the partner universities through its Global Learning Network by offering global experiences and opportunities for interacting and collaborating with global virtual teams.

The PLuS Online Course Exchange is an initiative among PLuS Alliance universities that allows students enrolled in one of the universities to take online courses or modules offered at one of the PLuS Alliance partner universities.

Students who participate in the PLuS Online Course Exchange will have the opportunity to engage with faculty and classmates internationally in a global virtual setting. The exposure to different perspectives, teaching methodologies, cultural contexts, and national realities is part of what makes the online course exchange experience meaningful. This experience will not only be personally and academically rewarding; it is an example of global engagement that can be highlighted on a student’s résumé and increase the student’s global employability. 

Currently, the classes offered through PLuS Alliance are online only. There are no study abroad, or on-ground course components.

PLuS Alliance course offerings have their own distinct platform and academic calendar.

Students will pay the standard tuition rates of their current program.

PLuS Alliance students will be in class with students from Australia, the US, and the UK.

Students will register for PLuS Alliance courses through their home institution.

Each course has its own prerequisites that must be met.

PLuS Alliance courses may require the use of a webcam and microphone. Please check the course syllabus and/or contact the professor of the course to see if this will be required.

The LMS platform used by the course providers will be similar to the LMS you have used at your host institution. While some features of the LMS may be different, there will be online tutorials to help you navigate the new system. Students can also reach out to Technical Support and/or the course instructor with specific questions. 

For questions about the course content students should contact the professor/instructor of the course.

PLuS Alliance students have 24/7 access to course material.

All tests and assignments through PLuS Alliance are completed online. Exams/tests may be administered via webcam or online proctoring.

PLuS Alliance students will have access to online library resources through their course provider.

Deadlines will be set in the time zone of the providing institution.

Grading will vary by course and instructor. However generally speaking, assessment is based on a combination of papers, presentations, exams, quizzes, and participation in discussion boards.

No, all credits earned through PLuS Alliance will be reflected on your home institution transcript.

Students will earn native credit for the courses through PLuS Alliance. A note will be added on the transcript to indicate the student’s participation in a PLuS Alliance course.