PLuS Alliance Prize

“Innovation in research and education is vital to advancing society in a positive direction, whether by addressing some of the biggest challenges our world faces today, or creating new impactful opportunities."

Ellen Levy, PLuS Alliance Advisory Board & Managing Director of Silicon Valley Connect

The PLuS Alliance Prize was inaugurated in 2017. It was established to recognise and foster innovation in research and innovation in learning and awarded four prizes:

  • PLuS Alliance Prize for Education Innovation
  • PLuS Alliance Prize for Research Innovation
  • PLuS Alliance Prize for Global Leadership
  • PLuS Alliance Prize of Global Innovation

PLuS Alliance Prize Winners

The Triax Trophy

Masters students, Bronwen Williams and Karam Hussein, to design a PLuS Alliance Prize trophy that symbolises the strengths and synchronous growth of the PLuS Alliance.

The designers selected three materials that represent the prestige and innovation embodied in the three universities:

  • Concrete which represents the wealth of history and innovation that King’s College London brings
  • American Walnut represents the growth of branches of the tree linking America’s industry and ingenuity with England and Australia
  • Aluminium represents the resources and agility of Australia

An important symbol incorporated into the trophy is the triangular forms at its pinnacle.  The three points of the triangles represent the relationship between Arizona State University, Kings College London and UNSW Sydney.